About CUEnet

By fostering collaboration and employing technology at the behest of the campuses of Concordia University System to facilitate access from a distance to the educational programs of the congregations, high schools, colleges, universities, seminaries, and other agencies of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, CUEnet serves the education objectives of the Synod, functions as a collective symbol of Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod higher education, encourages creativity and innovations, operates as a catalyst for the exchange of intellectual property and human resources, conducts research in the design and delivery of instruction, spreads cost and fiscal exposure, assists in the development of new constituencies and financial resources, and provides professional training.

The Concordia University Education Network (CUEnet) is part of the Concordia University System—a nationwide network of 7 liberal arts colleges and universities of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod including:

Concordia University at Ann Arbor, MI

Concordia University at Austin, TX
Concordia University at Irvine, CA
Concordia University Wisconsin at Mequon, WI
Concordia University Chicago at River Forest, IL
Concordia University at St. Paul, MN
Concordia University at Seward, NE

CUEnet combines technology with the resources of the Concordia University System to give students expanded access to a values-based, Christian education. This is especially useful for students who, because of job, location or time commitments, cannot attend a traditional university setting.

CUEnet is part of an institution with a 150-year tradition of educational excellence and can draw on the expertise of over 600 faculty across the Concordia University System.

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